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Cheap Date Ideas 101-120
More creative and unique date ideas for the romantically challenged.

101- Grab some drawing paper and pencils and find a nice view (nature scene, building, etc.) both of you would like to try and put on paper. You could use any artistic medium such as crayons, ink, paint or clay.

102- Make a sandcastle (or some other interesting sculpture) on the beach.

103- Go shopping together for some plants or flowers and then set them out together somewhere.

104-Dress up in your favorite period costume or do cosplay and go out on a themed date.

105-Build something with Legos (yes, the toys). It sounds childish, but it’s so much fun and practically anything can be built with them.

106-Build some kind of sculpture by going to the dollar store. Each person gets $10 to buy stuff to create their masterpiece.

107-Write a simple screenplay for each other and then have fun pretending you’re trying out for a movie. It can be as cheesy or detailed as you desire.

108-Pay a visit to your local rec center and have fun with lots of different activities.

109-Going out with a bunch of friends is a good way to sneak in a first date without it really being one.

110-Go on a photo walk together. These events are quite common and a good way to meet other people. You don’t even have to have an expensive camera.

111-Go to a second-hand clothing store and buy outfits for one another, then go out for dinner wearing what the other picked out – no matter how outrageous.

112-Baby sit together and find out how each of you are around children. Good for a 4th or 5th date.

113-Play balloon volleyball, basketball or baseball. This one would be good for a date with a bunch of friends.

114-Take some quarters and go around town feeding the parking meters. The meter police won’t like this, but it’s not illegal, is it?

115-Have fun by giving a pet a wash and a crazy haircut (or a regular one).

116-Go into an adult bookstore together and explore. This is not as fun if both people routinely visit them.

117-Play pool in a local bar or billiards room. Side bets can make the game more interesting.

118-Spend a summer evening sitting in front of a bug zapper and talking. This one may seem a bit odd at first, but most people will find it to be an excellent memory if done with any regularity. This one should not be put in the first date ideas category, though.

119-Use your laptop to watch a movie in the park at night – away from everyone else.

120-A hedge maze may sound corny, but you both will have fun and it will probably be one of your more memorable dates. login
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