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Things For Couples To Do (Dates 141-150)
That’s right. More ways to spend time with your loved one.

141-Riding or rolling down hills together. This is really fun when done with other couples or friends, but still works well with two. I prefer the hill roll myself, but you can choose to ride wagons, blocks of ice and even slick cardboard (if the hill’s steep enough). Hold on tight!

142-Spend some time experimenting with different kinds of kisses. There is more than one type you know. A few suggestions would be the French Kiss, Lick Kiss, Upside-Down Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, and Hickey.

143-Have an old-fashioned backyard BBQ for your date. You can invite friends or just keep it between the two of you.

144-If you’re up for a Halloween date, try dressing up and going around knocking on people’s doors and giving them candy.

145-Have an organized food fight. This is a lot more fun if you invite other couples or friends. Don’t forget the goggles! Cleaning up can also be fun.

146-Paint graffiti together (with permission).

147-Playing a video game together – from start to finish. My favorite will always a Mario Brothers game.

148-Take the time to make up a time capsule and then bury it. It could be about your relationship, a moment in time or stuff that is happening in the world at the moment.

149-Hunting bugs can be an interesting experience if neither of you are squeamish. I always endorse the catch and release method unless you know what you’re doing. Butterflies, June Bugs and fireflies, oh my! Don’t forget the net.

150-Renting a motor scooter and spending the day exploring a town neither of you have been to before always makes for an interesting date.

Cheap Date Ideas (151-155)
Good date ideas that won’t break the bank.

151-Spend a few hours trying to come up with unique flavors of ice cream. The initial cost of the machine will cost a little, but it will provide you with hours of entertainment. This is a great date idea that can be done over and over again.

152-Do a fake radio interview and record it to play back later. Try your best to keep in character and be serious about it and it’ll be even funnier when you listen to it later.

153-Watch a movie together even when apart. Rent the same film, call the other up on a phone (speaker phone if you’ve got it) and push play at the same time.

154-Fake kidnappings are great for couples that have been together for a while. Just make sure it is planned and they expect it. Then have fun tying them up and “torturing” them.

155-One of the best things for couples to do when on a tight budget is to completely buy into the date no matter what kind of date it is. It’s all about the heat between a couple – not the cash. More of an idea than a date, but one to keep in mind no matter what you do or where you go. login
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