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Date Ideas 121-140
Dating ideas that are unique, fresh and can be unexpectedly pleasant.

121-Make a note for your date detailing where and when you plan on taking them. Then cut it up into puzzle-like pieces and have them put it together. The puzzle can be as elaborate and difficult as you want it to be. Put the contents in a flat box, put a bow on it and who its from and you’re set to go. A very clever way to ask someone out for a second or third date.

122-Buy a couple of cheap t-shirts and paint or draw some art on them for the other person. You’ve both got to wear them out in public for a few hours no matter how bad they are.

123-Free factory tours are more common than you might think, but it does take a little detective work to find them. Start off by looking at the major businesses in your immediate area.

124-Go to a 24 hour Wal-Mart late at night and play with the stuff. You can actually get away with a lot late at night as long as your not too bad.

125-Grab some sticky notes and colored markers and go to a fairly crowded public place. Write funny or weird messages on the post-its and put them up around the area for others to find. The fun part is actually watching people discover and read your words of wisdom.

126-Get yourself some non-toxic Sharpie markers and draw fake tattoos on each other. This would probably work better if each person could draw half-way decently as you would want to draw it where everyone can see it, right?

127-Set up a lemonade stand together. This is a good dating idea that could actually make money for each of you – if what you’re selling is good, of course.

128-Go out and buy some cheap essential oils and spend the day making perfume and cologne for each other. Don’t forget to dilute it with water.

129-Write a book together (one chapter equals one date).

130-Eat a messy meal with your hands (spaghetti, mac and cheese, etc.). You could even feed each other.

131-Have a date at home in complete darkness. Fix a room up to where no light can get in and only dining table, chairs and food are present.

132-Skip some rocks – at night. Buy a few glow sticks and open them up so you can pour the glowing liquid on the rocks. You can easily see the rocks skipping across the water. Best to wear rubber gloves as well.

133-Go four-leaf clover hunting and then press them in an old book. You could even have a key chain made if you wanted.

134-Have an eating contest with some kind of fun food (marshmallows, cotton candy, etc.).

135-Go around a new town asking directions using a funny accent and / or mannerisms.

136-If you’re looking for an exciting date, why not try zip lining. Adrenaline is a great aphrodisiac.

137-Go to the pet store together and get licked by puppies.

138-Night swimming is always a popular summer date. Clothing optional.

139-Go out for an icee, slurpee or snow cone.

140-Go around to businesses filling out fake applications. Try to make them as outrageous as possible. login
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